Announcing the 2nd Annual Sustainable Living Guide April 2015

Hello Sustainability Leaders,

Sidebar_450px_newyear1We are so happy to invite you to join us in the production of our 2nd Annual Sustainable Living Guide in the April 2015 issue of the Seattle Natural Awakenings.

The SLG is a public education innovation – a guide to help residents understand, value, and nurture the connections between the natural, built, and personal environments. Our premiere edition in February 2014 was a spectacular hit. Click here to check out the 2014 SLG.

For over twenty years, ESP Services has been working with sustainability innovators building the industry and emerging marketplace in Puget Sound. It’s been an amazing journey and my great pleasure to be a part of this growing dynamic community. We have all felt inspired by the magnitude of the transformation at one time or another along the way.

Yet, as sustainability leaders, we know we have farther to go. It may have felt like we working alone before, however, it appears we are not alone; we are just a little out in front. It’s time to widen the circle and empower others with our message, expand our reach, and bring all of our community together to join us on the journey.

Just like Dorothy’s yellow brick road that led her on the way to the Emerald City, we all need a guide. We are pleased to announce our 2nd Annual Sustainable Living Guide, Puget Sound edition, a consumer guide connecting the natural, built, and personal environments for all Puget Sound Residents.

2nd Annual Sustainable Living Guide Puget Sound Edition 2015

Sidebar_450px_newyear2The SLG, coming in the April 2015 issue of Seattle Natural Awakenings – the Earth Day issue and SNA’s 4th Anniversary issue – is a comprehensive consumer resource guide that will deepen the conversation and strengthen our connections to sustainability in Puget Sound. This educational resource guide for local consumers will feature fresh, straight-talking content on a variety of local environmental issues. SLG articles are rich in resources that inform, inspire, and call our citizens to act sustainably. Cate’s List, a service provider directory, will offer local connections for consumers to put that inspiration into action.

Seattle Natural Awakenings publisher, Ann Dorn, and I are joining forces once again to produce this opportunity for sustainability leaders, like you, to make greater connections to a wider community. We believe that, with guidance, all Puget Sound consumers can easily make the connections between the natural and built environments to their personal environment, understand the importance of these connections, and make sustainable choices.

The SLG is that guide. Make the first connection by supporting our editorial line-up, share your experience, be a resource for your community, lend your leverage to this public education innovation.

SLG Opportunities


Our team is looking for financial support from local leaders who are ready to position their company as a leader in progressive sustainability. We are looking for your perspective on the editorial line-up, guest author suggestions, contacts, and referrals, and, of course, your display ad in the April 2015 Earth Day edition.

Sponsorship Packages include one 750-word article authored by you or our staff, one graphic display ad, plus pre-release promotion and special SNA advertising opportunities. Find out more in our Sponsorship Invitation pdf.

Guest Editorial
We are also seeking Guest Authors to write some of our 2015 SLG line-up.  Are you interested in sharing your knowledge, experience, and resources with others on the journey? Check out the proposed line-up topic list in our Guest Author Invitation pdf. Then, contact me to reserve your preferred topic and discuss your ideas for the article.

The SLG is your best advertising opportunity in Puget Sound for 2015 – the April Earth Day 45th Anniversary Issue. 16,000 printed copies reaching over 40,000 readers in print and online. Let the growing number of sustainability consumers find you in the SLG with a display ad or a listing in Cate’s List.

  • Graphic Ads with variety of ad sizes
  • Promotional & custom packages available
  • Get your message in from of consumers inspired by Earth Day Events & Activities
  • Directory Listings & Profiles
  • Non-profit & Government discounted listing rates

Check out the details, costs, and guidelines in our Advertising Kit pdf.

A Personal Invitation

Sidebar_450px_newyear4If you believe yourself to be a leader in sustainability and you also dream of a healthy, sustainable future, demonstrate your leadership, share your resources and let Puget Sound consumers know your story of sustainability.

We are inviting you to join me and Ann to create the 2nd Annual Sustainable Living Guide for Puget Sound.  Together, we will create another Puget Sound public education innovation, a truly comprehensive sustainability resource for Puget Sound consumers.

Call us!

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