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Cate O'dahl of ESP ServicesCate O’dahl, ESP Services

For over twenty-five years, ESP Services has been working with Puget Sound sustainability innovators to build the industry and promote the emerging green marketplace. ESP Services is a regionally recognized, woman-owned business leader in sustainable building education, research, writing, and consulting. It is the mission of ESP Services to widen the circle of participants, deepen the conversation, and strengthen our connections to sustainability.

ESP Services Education | Sustainability | ProductionsESP Services has accomplished significant work in the areas of sustainable outreach and education. Recent accomplishments include:
2014 Sustainable Living Guide and 2015 Sustainable Living Guide.
Comprehensive consumer resource guides focusing on local Puget Sound solutions to complex regional issues.
– Green Real Estate Series at North Seattle College.
Since 2009, developed and delivered the green building educational series online and live lecture.
– Built GreenĀ® Real Estate Professional Training.
Developed the education series into a repeatable, live lecture program for active brokers.

Sheldon O'dahl of Dirty Dog ProductionsSheldon O’dahl, Dirty Dog Productions

Sheldon has worked with ESP Services since 2002, providing IT, document management, video production, photography, and layout design services. He also is author in a number of the innovative articles appearing in the Feb. 2014 Sustainable Living Guide and Apr. 2015 Sustainable Living Guide.


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